Jeremy Hunt apologises for ‘forgetting’ he was Health Secretary

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Jeremy Hunt has apologised after forgetting he was in charge of the NHS and responsible for ensuring it runs safely and effectively.

Hunt was criticised in the media after it was revealed had forgotten about his job as health secretary since September, and was only reminded when he missed a couple of meetings.

“I understand people are angry, but I can assure the public that this was a very innocent mistake. I must admit, I saw the mess the NHS was falling into and more than once thought ‘someone should really do something about that’.

“But who here amongst us hasn’t completely forgotten to do their job for half a year or more? There is nothing sinister or clandestine in my oversight. It’s a mistake, and one I intend to correct just as soon as I head back to the office.

“Which I will do just as soon as someone reminds me where it is. London somewhere, correct?”

NHS workers and patients have been left angry that Hunt could not only forget something so significant but also that he appears to be avoiding all consequences of doing so.

Former hospital porter Simon Williams told us, “I lost my job because I was late three times in one month, he forgot his entirely for six months – it’s one rule for them and another for the rest of us.

“No doubt he’ll get to keep his job and we all have to pretend like it never happened.

“Wait, what do you mean he also forgot to declare the fact that he had purchased a number of luxury flats in a multi-million-pound property investment deal to the relevant authorities?

“Well, I suppose that’s OK – I mean we’ve all done that, right?”