Everyone on Facebook suddenly an expert on parliamentary law in the area of military deployment

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Everyone on Facebook has revealed that they are secretly experts in parliamentary law specialising specifically in the area of military deployment.

Prior to these past few days, there has been no demonstrable indication that anyone on Facebook is expert in anything beyond eating Tide pods and snorting condoms.

Simon Williams, an unemployed vajazzler from Basingstoke, was one of the first to offer his expertise on parliamentary law to Prime Minister Theresa May.

“It is important we show strength in the face of atrocity from Assad and Putin,” he posted on Tuesday evening, shortly after posting a picture of the fish fingers he’d had for tea.

“We need to attack immediately, and fortunately in circumstances such as this there is no requirement to consult parliament and it would just be wasting time.”

Conversely, Eleanor Gay, a feline milliner from, inevitably, Brighton, had different advice.

“It is imperative that Parliament is given the opportunity to debate the issue before any decision to attack a sovereign nation is made,” she insisted.

“After all, this is a democracy, and that should be the founding principle of everything we do to ensure any action is taken justly and above all, legally.”

The emergence of such a deep well of expertise can only be helpful to the Prime Minister, who simply needs to log on to Facebook to get definitive legal advice on parliamentary law in the area of military deployment before making any decision regarding Syria.

And she can probably find some cute cat videos too.