BBC to follow up Rivers of Blood speech by asking Katie Hopkins to recite Mein Kampf

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After announcing they are to broadcast a reading of Enoch Powell’s infamous Rivers of Blood speech, the BBC have hinted they will follow it up by asking Katie Hopkins to recite Mein Kampf.

The move has been greeted favourably by many members of the community, most notably racists and morons and people who loudly and frequently insist they are neither.

“If we break up the recital by asking various talking heads to critique Adolf Hitler’s political ideologies then it would be in no way inciteful,” said BBC spokesman Ed Sprockett-Jones.

“It would be as harmless as leaving petrol and matches outside an arsonist’s house, along with a warning about the dangers of fire.

“We’re hoping Katie will buy into our project, even if the subject is a little light-hearted and whimsical for her usual tastes. if she wants to freestyle a little bit then we’d be OK with that.”

It is understood that Nigel Farage had been keen to offer his services for the reading, but the recording would clash with his weekly appearance on Question Time, which is unwilling to miss under any circumstances.

However, not all viewers have come out in favour of the plans for the reading.

“It’s no surprise see the biased BBC are spouting right-wing propaganda yet again,” said a paranoid left-winger going by the name Cynthia Momentum4Eva.

“This is a dig at Jeremy Corbyn, isn’t it? I don’t know how yet, but it is! It’s always a dig a Corbyn.

“You’ll be sorry when the revolution comes.”