Theresa May says Brexit will mean more money for NHS in classic early April Fool’s Day ruse

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Theresa May has insisted that Brexit will mean more money for the NHS in a classic April Fools Day ruse, without realising it’s not until Sunday.

The prime minister has been touring the country explaining the benefits of Brexit, and hilariously claimed one of the main benefactors would be the NHS.

However, when a journalist pointed out that it’s actually the 29th March, and April Fool’s Day is a couple of days away, she quickly shouted at an aide before storming off.

After returning, she told reporters, “It’s the early Easter, it’s very confusing for everyone. I thought today was the day we tricked people into thinking something is real when it’s entirely made up.

“We in the Conservative party have a long history of making promises that don’t stand up, and April Fools day shouldn’t be the only day we do it. I would like to think tricking the entire nation should be a 365 day a year process.”

A Conservative party spokesperson defended the prime minister’s ruse, telling us, “Look, I get it, some of you didn’t find her little joke about the NHS getting more funding particularly funny.  At least we didn’t tour the country with it on a bus.”

However, voter Simon Williams told us, “Oh, a pro-Brexit politician is telling me that the NHS is going to get some more money after Brexit, that’s nice. I suppose she’s been deliberately vague about how much money, and where it’s coming from? Yes, that sounds about right.

“I just hope that this promise becomes a noose around her neck at the next election.”