Illegal Vote Leave adverts didn’t affect me, insists Brexiter with house full of things he saw advert for

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Brexit voter Simon Williams has insisted that any Facebook adverts that targeted him through illegally acquired personal information or were paid for through illegal campaign finance,  did not affect him because he is immune to advertising.

Williams said the current investigation into how the Vote Leave campaign might have used illegally held personal information to target adverts at voters, and paid for them using illegal campaign tactics was merely the result of bitter Remoaners unhappy that they lost.

He explained to us from the front room of his terraced house, “I voted for Brexit because I believe in Brexit and all the things it’s going to fix, like immigration and me not having much money.

“So adverts saying that Brexit would fix immigration and ensure I have more money had no effect on me whatsoever, I’m not a bloody sheep, like you Remoaners going around believing the first thing any old expert tells them.”

Williams then showed us his collection of magazines which he’s collecting at a rate of one a week, which include the parts to build a replica Lamborghini.

He told us, “The first one was a bargain, but then it turned out quite expensive – however I’m in it now, so I’ll just keep paying for it every week until the end because that’s what you do when you’ve made a mistake, isn’t it.”

He also showed us his new sofa which he picked up in the DFS sale, the new TV he saw demonstrated online and explained that he signed up for Sky Q because Idris Elba told him it would be good for him.

“But those Brexit adverts had no effect on my decision making whatsoever, definitely not,” he concluded.