Theresa May suggests some form of formal unified group of European countries to oppose Russia

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Theresa May has suggested a bold new idea – that the countries of Europe form a unified group to oppose the belligerent actions of Russia.

Making the point that it was important that Europe as a whole should stand up to attacks against any one particular country, she called for unity.

“I think that if all the countries in Europe worked together as one then that combined strength could really give Mr Putin pause for thought,” said the Prime Minister and world-class innovator.

“Rather than each of us coming up with measures against them as individual countries, if we came together as one with a single coherent strategy in concord with one another, it would send a powerful message that Putin’s actions will not be tolerated.”

Mrs May went on to suggest that the group could start out as primarily a defence-based alliance, but if there were opportunities to work more closely together economically, then where would be the harm in that?

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“It’s a radical idea, but I really think that I’m on to something here,” said the Prime Minister

“We could call it ‘Unified Europe’ and base it in one of the low countries.

Mrs May went on to explain how she would seek to implement her original new vision, she explained that the first priority would be a strong Brexit deal.

“Once we’ve got that sorted out, then we can move on with the creation of ‘Unified Europe’.

“I suppose the sensible thing to do first is some sort of referendum…”

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