I’m a bit OCD, claims man who doesn’t have first f**king clue what OCD is

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A man has claimed to be a bit OCD, despite not having the first f**king clue what Obsessive Compulsive Disorder actually is.

Simon Williams from Chelmsford made the claim after tidying up his flat.

“Yeah, I like to have everything quite neat and tidy,” said Mr Williams.

“I’m a bit OCD like that.”

However, despite making the claim, it quickly became apparent that Mr Williams didn’t have the first f**king clue what he was talking about, or what OCD actually is.

“I mean, I don’t like to leave clothes on the floor, I put my knives and forks back in the drawer, you know, I’m a bit OCD.”

It appeared that when Mr Williams claimed to be a bit OCD, what he meant was that he is quite a tidy person.

Mr Williams agreed.

“Yeah, I am quite tidy, but I am a bit OCD as well, you know, I like to be places on time and that.”

Mr Williams is also punctual.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a potentially crippling disorder that compels the sufferer to check things, have certain thoughts, or perform certain rituals repeatedly.

“Well, I’m only a bit OCD,” insisted Mr Williams.

He went on to explain how he copes with being ‘a bit OCD.’

“Well, I just get on with it, really.”

It is thought that Mr Williams’ advice to ‘just get on with it, really’ will be a boon to everyone else in the world who claims to be ‘a bit OCD’ but doesn’t have the first f**king idea what OCD is.