Ant or Dec arrested for drink driving

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One of the people from Ant ‘n’ Dec has been arrested after failing a roadside breathalyser test.

The member of the Geordie comedy duo was taken in for questioning by police following a three-vehicle collision that was described as an even bigger car crash than the duo’s woeful attempt at a World Cup song in 2002.

“Ant or Dec is currently being questioned by my colleagues; the first question being ‘which one are you?’,” confirmed police spokesperson, Simon Williams.

“We received a call on Sunday afternoon, which is of course when most people are drunk following the stress of Sunday lunch with the family.

“The caller described the suspect as being ‘one of those Newcastle gimps off the telly’, which narrowed it down to being either Ant, Dec or Alan Shearer, but he’s not really interesting enough to be thought of as a gimp.

“We will have a formal statement later today when either Ant or Dec has fessed up.”

An ITV spokesperson said, “Ant and Dec are beloved family entertainers and a mainstay of Saturday evening television.

“We are dismayed to hear that either Ant or Dec have been potentially involved in a drink-driving incident, and we are very disappointed in one of them.”