Theresa May to send Kremlin a picture of her riding a horse topless

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The Prime Minister will improve her image with Russian politicians with a series of increasingly bizarre publicity photos.

Diplomatic tensions continue to rise between the UK and USSR, with many people pointing out the perceived weakness of the Prime Minister with the people inside the Kremlin.

Image consultant Simon Williams told reporters, “Getting Putin’s government to take us seriously will be a challenge, so we are going to talk to them in the only language they understand – with laughably camp staged photographs.

“We expect Putin to reply in kind with a picture of him riding a bear and brandishing a Kalashnikov, which we will then trump with a naked Theresa May holding a sword and riding a tiger.

“Not for the first time, we in the cabinet are drawing very heavily on the artwork of Frank Frazetta for our inspiration. If that doesn’t make them fold, I don’t know what will.”

Experts in camp believe that this trend is set to continue, and by 2020 all Downing Street press conferences will resemble the ending of Flash Gordon.