‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ reboot to offer contestants new lifeline of ‘Punch a Producer’

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ITV has announced that the reboot of their hit show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? will be fronted by amateur boxer, Jeremy Clarkson, and will feature some changes to the original format.

The show will run for a week of seven episodes later this year to mark the twentieth anniversary of the show in which hopeful contestants answer a series of questions with the aim of securing themselves the top prize of one million pounds, roughly equating to around one-thirtieth of the new host’s net worth.

Producer Simon Williams told us, “We are delighted to have Jeremy Clarkson as the host for the reboot of our classic show. His gentle, unassuming and introverted nature will put the contestants at ease as they grapple with increasingly tougher questions.

“As usual, the contestants will have some life-lines if they get a bit stuck. They will be able to phone a friend, go 50-50 and ask the audience as they did in the original show, but given who we have asking the questions we thought it only fitting to add a new one – ‘Punch a Producer’.”

He explained, “This is obviously only a last resort, and will be used if the player really has no idea what to do and merely wants to vent their frustration in a physical way on an innocent party.

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“Having said that, we’ll probably offer it to every contestant regardless of whether they are having difficulty answering the questions or not. It makes for good TV, right?”

The show will air later this year.

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