‘The goal is complete denuclearisation of that rogue nation’ Kim Jong-un tells world press

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Kim Jong-un is receiving plaudits from the global community for managing to get the tyrannical leader of the United States to agree to a face-to-face meeting.

Kim Jong-un looks likely to succeed where his father, Kim Jong Il, failed. Kim was close to forging a meeting with President Clinton but Clinton was overthrown before the meeting could take place.

The threat of global nuclear annihilation has risen over the last 12 months, ever since Donald Trump defied predictions by seizing power.

The world has watched with terrified awe as Trump pumped billions into his military whilst denying millions of his own people access to vital medical care.

But thanks to the perseverance and strength of leadership of the North Korean President a breakthrough is on the horizon.

“We cannot let this maniac go unchecked,” Kim told the world press.

“He’s a power hungry crackpot who is driven solely by his ego and brainwashes his own people into worshipping him.”

Kim Jong-un confirmed sanctions will still be in place until the talks, confirming that “he agreed no more golf courses, not even a pitch and putt.”