White House aides beg Trump to practise pronouncing ‘Niger’ correctly before giving any interviews

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Following the release by ISIS of video footage yesterday of their ambush attack on US soldiers in Niger last October, frantic preparations are underway to ensure the President doesn’t make any gaffes during interviews.

It is anticipated that President Trump will be questioned about the video by White House press imminently, causing his aides a significant level of anxiety.

“When this incident happened last year the President got around the issue by describing it broadly as ‘the Africa ambush’ but we fear he may be pressed for a little more detail this time,” explained senior aide Chuck Williams.

“We spent three hours yesterday pleading with Trump to simply pronounce ‘Niger’ in any way he likes other than, well, making it rhyme with ‘Tigger’, but he just looked at us with those squinty, cold, porcine eyes of his and then went back to watching Fox News.

“I’m starting to think that actually we should have just told him the attack took place in Nambia. He had no problem saying that before – whatever the hell it means.”

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He added, “We have also taken the precaution of removing Trump’s phone so that he can’t tweet about the ISIS video.

“We wouldn’t want his phone to auto-correct ‘Niger’ to a word he uses frequently with his old buddy and former KKK leader David Duke.”