People somehow surprised that country once ruled by Berlusconi opted for fringe populist parties

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Political commentators across Europe have begun analyzing why a country that elected President Bunga-Bunga several times ended up supporting small boisterous parties with absolutely no experience of government.

Simon Williams, Foreign Affairs editor for the Telegraph, was adamant the electoral upset was the beginning of the end for the EU.

“It’s a geopolitical earthquake. Italy, a county synonymous with political stability, has clearly rejected the status quo.

“The Remainiacs and Brussels sycophants should ask themselves why a nation where porn stars routinely become parliamentarians could reject their project.

“Italians are well known for their calm, dispassionate approach to politics and life. This is the end of the EU that I’ve been predicting with bitter longing since 1998.”

However, some in Italy warned against over-interpreting the latest election results as explained Corriere Della Sera journalist Fabio Scillacci.

He told us, “Whatever government comes out of this will have the shelf life of sushi. It’s actually remarkable if a Prime Minister lasts more than two years here.

“We’ve had some who barely made it a month. And that’s not a bad thing. We’ve had far-left and far-right terrorism, not to mention the mafia.

“A bunch of cranks led by loudmouths and comedians is not the worse thing to happen to us. Put it this way, the last time we had a strong leader his name was Mussolini. It’s just that we don’t take politics very seriously here.

“It’s the same way you Brits treat food or your appearance. We have ridiculous politicians straight out of a vaudeville farce and you think Nando’s is fine dining and wearing a fleece jacket in public is okay.”