Invention of burger-flipping robot threatens social sciences graduates with unemployment

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Social Sciences graduates face mass unemployment after a robot which can flip burgers was unveiled yesterday.

The robot, called ‘Flippy’, uses heat sensors to judge exactly how to turn cooking burgers to perfection and outperformed graduates in several fields including Sociology, Psychology and Media Studies – meaning that many fear for their future job prospects.

Graduate Simon Williams, who took a second class degree in Fairness Studies from Kettering University, said that he had spent years of his life and run up ‘substantial’ debts gaining his qualification and the automation of the burger industry left in fearful for his future.

“I’m not a burger-flipper, I’m a hamburger artisan,” he told us. “My degree qualified me to wear a little cardboard hat and an artificial smile, and you just can’t programme that sort of human engagement.

“I wrote a dissertation on  Foucault, you know. I got a gold star on my badge for it. Can your stupid robot do that? Thanks to automation I’m just going to be thrown on the scrapheap.”

When asked, the inventor of the robot – who took qualifications in physics and engineering – told us she didn’t understand what the problem was as there are plenty of jobs out there.