BBC ‘class divide’ based upon how you pronounce ‘class divide’

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The ‘class divide’ at the BBC is based upon how you pronounce ‘class divide’ when you bring it up.

The corporation, which continues to insist it is not equality-obsessed despite clearly being so, is not equality-obsessed when it comes to Northerners stealing Southerners’ jobs.

Host Steph McGovern said, “Eyup!

“I tried to bring up this issue many times with the Occasional Breakfast Host Line Manager but on each and every occasion he pretended – hilariously – not to understand what I was saying.

“He then agreed to give me the same salary as occasional breakfast host Charlie Stayt on the proviso I said ‘class’ ‘like a Southerner’. I found it literally impossible! My mouth can’t even make the right shape!

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“Anyway, I’ll brush it off like I usually do. I will have my tea this evening then probably lie in the bath and have a laugh about this later. The grass is always greener and all that.

“I will continue to stand up for this class divide at the BBC, even if it means having to complain about my six-figure salary for the rest of my days.”

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