Mighty Wigan Athletic praise plucky Manchester City for ‘having a go’

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Wigan Athletic have congratulated Manchester City for a heroic effort that ended in inevitable defeat.

The mighty League One side toppled the quaint little Premier League leaders in a surprisingly close game.

“It’s the stuff Roy of the Rovers comics are made of,” confirmed football analyst, Simon Williams.

“All credit to Manchester City, nobody expected them to hang on in the way that they did.

“You can’t expect a team of some of the most expensive players in the world to stand a chance against eleven men who probably work part-time at Greggs to top up their earnings.

“Will Grigg was truly ‘on fire’ last night as well, hence his routinely brilliant goal that we all knew was coming.

“It’s a shame Manchester City grew so frustrated with the superior opposition that they ended up conceding a red card, but in many ways, it’s also entirely understandable.

“Hopefully they managed to get a hot, nourishing meal before returning to Manchester.”