Democrats suggest all guns be sold through Trump empire to ensure fall in sales figures

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After President Trump surprised supporters and critics by announcing his support in a move towards tighter gun controls, the Democratic party have suggested a novel idea to reduce the number of guns on the streets.

In the wake of the recent shooting in a school in Florida, there is renewed pressure on Trump to address the gun control issue; a position which the Democrats are seeking to capitalise on.

“Our idea is quite simple, really,” explained Democrat senator Barack Hussein Williams, “and one which is guaranteed to yield results.”

He explained, “If Trump starts a new Trump-branded business in which he has complete control over every gun sale in the country, then the numbers of guns being sold cannot fail to fall.

“He could call it ‘Trump Weapons And Training’ – ‘TWAT’ when abbreviated – and stores could open across the land selling Trump branded firearms.

“This will appeal massively to his narcissism, but we’re also confident that the business will have all the success of the Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump Mortgage and Trump University businesses that went before it.

“Before you know where we are, the venture will have failed and there will be no guns on the streets at all.”

He added hastily, “Obviously we haven’t told him that last bit, so keep it quiet will you?”