UKIP facing bankruptcy after running their own party exactly how they’d run the country

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UKIP are facing a ‘serious financial crisis’ after being sued for making up a whole bunch of crap and then refusing to change their story in the face of actual evidence, in today’s moment of entertaining irony.

MEP Jane Collins made a series of unsupported claims and refused to retract them when presented with contrary proofs, resulting in UKIP facing an enormous and entirely avoidable bill which risks permanent harm – leaving some commentators to point out that this feels oddly familiar in some way.

The MEP was sued by the Labour party and lost – and the High Court ruled that her entire party must be held liable for the costs of her actions, in some curious way mirroring another reality where everyone gets to bear the costs of the entire party’s actions.

“It’s almost fractal, the way this pattern of just making up nonsense and roping other people into paying for the consequences repeats at a smaller and smaller scale,” said bemused onlooker Simon Williams.

“I’m half expecting her cat to shit on her rug and then somehow force next door pay for the bottle of bleach.”

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