‘You can’t say anything nowadays’ sighs man mistaking criticism for censorship

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Some gonk is annoyed that he can’t be casually racist/sexist/homophobic anymore without someone loudly disagreeing with him.

Simon Williams, 33, shared a fairly horrible photo on Facebook of some desperate asylum seekers, with the caption “piss off, we’re full!”

“And now some people are saying that I’m the mean one,” said a clearly flabberghasted Williams.

“It’s a disgrace is what it is. I have a right to say what I want, which I equate to having the right to be free from any form of disagreement or consequence whatsoever. That’s what freedom of speech means and that’s what my granddad died in three world wars for.

“The only proper reaction to hearing my views is for you to all go ‘hmm, fair enough, you might have a point there’.

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“Anything else is just you trampling all over my civil liberties, which if I haven’t mentioned it already my Grandad’s both died for.”

When told of her brother’s most recent outburst, Simon’s sister sighed, “Both of his granddads are still alive.

“He just never goes to see them because he’s a selfish twat who doesn’t like the ‘smell of old peoples homes’.

“I’ve tried explaining to him that if he shares something that’s demonstrably mean-spirited on a public-facing platform, then it’s bound to attract a few dissenting voices explaining that he’s an arsehole.

“He can say whatever he likes, obviously, but the things he enjoys saying are all dreadful, so people usually don’t like them. It’s been really difficult trying to get him to understand that.”