‘Now is not the time to dishonour the memory of all the NRA donations I received’, insists US Congressman

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As news of the latest shooting at a Florida school continues to unfold, a sitting US senator has spoken out against those who have been quick to dishonour the memory of all the NRA donations he has received in the last few years.

Senator Chuck Williams said that the aftermath of a mass shooting was the absolute worst time to look at how much money the National Rifle Association gives to politicians to ensure gun reform never happens.

“Seriously, children have died and others are fighting for their lives, and you think now is the time to ask me questions about campaign funding from the NRA and how that has affected my voting record on gun control?

“That is incredibly disrespectful to the good-faith donations that I have received from the NRA, and now is clearly not the time for political point-scoring.

“The absolute worst time to talk about gun control is after a mass shooting.  The best time to have this conversation is when there hasn’t been a school shooting for a few months – which is precisely why this is a conversation we never have here in the United States.

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“Believe me, if we could go a few months without children being killed inside school grounds, then I would be at the front of the queue to have a rational debate about what we can do to prevent these tragedies – but we can’t do it when everything is so raw.”

Williams concluded by adding that although the Florida incident is tragic, he hopes that the gun lobby will have it in their hearts to soon return to making sizeable donations to his political campaigns.