America horrified as object designed to kill human beings is repeatedly used to kill human beings

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Once again, the USA has been left to mourn its dead and wonder how someone could have bought a tool, whose every development stage focused on the efficient ending of human life, and used it to kill people.

Politicians and citizens alike wondered what could be done to stop people using handguns and assault rifles for exactly the purpose they were created.

Simon Williams owner of a gun store in Colorado, confessed to feeling powerless towards the danger that someone might buy one of his human-killing devices then go out and use it to take a life.

“Take this Glock for example. Designed in Austria so that soldiers can keep killing enemies without jams or hurting their trigger fingers.

“How can I tell that someone who buys it, 4 cases of hollow point bullets and extended magazines will not want to point it at something other than paper targets? I can’t see any solution, and it terrifies me.”

Customer Jack Ketrick explained that guns were sometimes a necessity in the USA.

He told us, “It’s not the same as Europe. I work in logging and I run the very real risk of encountering a 500-pound grizzly bear.

“So naturally, I have to own a small plastic machine gun designed to give an infantry platoon a fighting advantage in a South East Asian jungle war.”

Meanwhile, on Fox News, NRA spokespeople were keen to point out that, had over a thousand young hormonal teenagers bathed in a violent culture all been carrying lethal weapons, perhaps the massacre would not have happened.