Just £30 per month can provide an aid worker with access to clean prostitutes, claim Oxfam

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Oxfam has launched a new campaign which details exactly where the money from charitable giving realistically ends up.

The latest fundraising campaign which was launched simultaneously on TV, the Internet, and by those tabard-wearing annoyances in your local high street, has been praised for the honest explanation of what happens to any money raised.

“I think the public and other potential sources of donation really value the openness of this campaign” explained Oxfam spokesperson and foreign brothel regular Simon Williams.

“You see, people want to help those less fortunate than themselves by giving money. And our aid-workers find it easier to handle the difficult and distressing situations we place them in if they’ve had a good old time the night before.

“So we want to make sure that any prostitutes used are clean and of the highest standard for our workers, so that those poor and disaster-struck victims that they work with receive the full benefit of their good mood.”

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News of the campaign has led to a presumably unrelated but sudden increase in the number of single middle-aged men signing up to volunteer abroad.