He’s doing a great job, says Trump in defence of controversial staff member Ramsey Bolton

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Donald Trump’s embattled White House has found itself at the centre of another polemic as its social media strategist, Ramsey Bolton, was accused of domestic abuse and cutting off a captive man’s todger.

Mr Bolton is the third employee to have found himself in the spotlight after claims of harassment and violence towards women appeared in the press and the courts.

The administration has so far supported all its staffers even when damning evidence such as photos of black eyes or police reports have surfaced.

In an interview on Fox News, the US president defended his employee’s record and explained he believed Mr Bolton’s claims of innocence.

He told Fox, “Ramsey is a team player and a standup guy. He says he’s being set up and all the liberal media has to show for it are these claims by several women that he’s a sadistic rapist who hunts humans for sport.

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“But I’ve known Ramsey for a few years now and he’s real classy. Loves animals too. You should see him playing with his dogs or retarded friend Reek. Heart of gold.

“And look at who’s saying things about him. Who’s this Sansa broad? She sounds like another gold digger wanting a payday because someone entered into a room while she was changing or someone stumbled and accidentally grabbed her lady-bits. There are many nasty women out there.”

Mr Bolton is one of Donald Trump’s key staff members and is credited by many as the man behind the President’s aggressive style on social media.

He is also something of an authority in the field of fine leather tannery and is rumoured to be working with Ivanka Trump on a line of wallets and belts.

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