Brexiters refusing to believe their region will be worse off until they see it written on a bus

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Brexiter Simon Williams has insisted the regional breakdown of Brexit’s impact is pure scaremongering and will continue to believe that is the case until he sees it written on a bus.

Williams said that today’s official forecasts, which highlighted how areas that specifically voted for Brexit are likely to be the hardest hit by its negative impact, is based on nothing more than research and expert opinion, and as such should be discarded without a moment’s thought.

He went on, “Everyone knows that financial facts are written on buses, it’s the British way of doing things.

“You can say whatever you like with your so-called reports, analysis and experts – until I see it driving down the motorway in two foot high letters I simply won’t believe a word of it.

“Everyone knows you can make up a report, but you can’t make up an entire bus!

He went on, “If these figures were true, and the economy really is going to be hit hardest in the areas that voted for Brexit, then obviously they would have put it on a bus. It’s how the British electorate expects to be told about the economy, dumbass.

“Show me a bus that says the North-East and West Midlands will be worse off after a hard Brexit, and then maybe we’ll talk – but until then, you and your so-called forecasts can just piss off.”

Williams went on to explain that Brexit is the best thing that has ever happened to the country, before heading to the Post Office to buy some Euros for a stag do he’s about to attend.

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