Putting a car into outer space cheaper than parking it in London, SpaceX confirms

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Putting a car into orbit around Mars is both cheaper and easier than parking it in London, Elon Musk has confirmed today.

The test launch, which fired a car into space, was carried out by SpaceX yesterday as a proof of concept and cost an estimated 90 million dollars – slightly less than leaving it in the long-stay car park at Heathrow for a weekend during the summer.

“The launch overcame massive technical challenges, but it was still easier than getting the same car around the north circular on a Friday evening,” a SpaceX spokesman told us.

“For starters, all we had to do was land two booster rockets in perfect unison like Thunderbird One, and we didn’t have to deal with some twazzock in a dented Nissan Micra cutting us up at the lights.”

“We expect that navigating the vehicle through two hundred million miles of vacuum and inserting it to a stable orbit around another planet will present fewer problems and take less time than getting down Shaftesbury Avenue and finding a parking space.”

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Reports from Mars suggest that locals are already complaining about their orbit being clogged up by immigrants who can’t drive.

“Coming over here from their shithole planet,” said Martian Simon the Merciless.

“Send them all back to Eartho-Eartho land, that’s what I say.”