Theresa May praises China for not focussing on Tory human rights abuses

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Theresa May has praised the Chinese government for focussing on business rather than years of human rights abuses carried out by the Tories against the British public.

The prime minister expressed her gratitude that Chinese President, Xi Jinping, refused to broach topics such as the slashing of disability allowance or detention without trial, in favour of discussions on boosting trade.

May told the travelling press pack, “It was with great relief that the Chinese chose to follow diplomatic etiquette and avoid confrontation over their concerns with Conservative policy in the UK.

“Certainly any talk of our intention to withdraw entirely from the European Court of Human Rights, or failing to take their share of war-torn refugees, would have been as ghastly as a British MP expressing concern at the number of executions in China.

“Never mind them potentially referencing the pushing of those under the age of 21 towards homelessness by preventing them from claiming housing benefit.

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“No, no, no – that would not do at all.”

She continued, “It was clearly far more important to prioritise the items that matter only to the richest 0.1% of the population – such as China’s ongoing investment in the UK for things like a £20bn in high-speed rail link that nobody wants.”

Human Rights activist, Simon Williams, criticised the Chinese for failing to tackle May for her neglect of the poor.

He went on, “Sure, the Chinese execute thousands, but that’s over quickly in comparison to the slow and painful death this government is forcing on the elderly, the disabled and the unemployed.

“It makes the electric chair sound quite civilised.”