Scarborough is the obvious next step after Las Vegas, confirms Britney Spears’ agent

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The time has come for Britney to move onwards and upwards from her Las Vegas residency, her agent has confirmed today.

The 36-year-old pop star, who has held a residency at The Axis in Planet Hollywood Las Vegas for the last four years, announced a new tour of the UK this morning, with dates at the London O2, the Manchester Arena and most importantly Scarborough.

“Britney’s residency has been a huge success and Las Vegas is great, sure,” explained her agent Chuck Williams this morning, “but it’s time for Britney to take her career to new levels.

“This Scarborough concert will truly cement her status as a pop queen in a way that countless awards and million-selling albums never could.

“We chose Scarborough because Google Maps shows that it has a beach, which is more than can be said for Las Vegas, and it has a real castle, not some gawdy faux-historic monstrosity like we see on the strip in Vegas.

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“It’s going to be huge.”

Scarborough mayor Christopher James welcomed the news, telling reporters, “This is great news for Scarborough.

“People down South say us Northerners are behind the times, so having the ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ singer performing here will really show them.”