BBC Wildlife team apologises for not seeking opinion from Nigel Farage

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A team of scientists studying the little-known breeding habits of the Italian spider crab have been criticised today for not seeking the opinion of unemployed Brexiteer Nigel Farage at the end of their programme.

The makers of almost every other fact-based television production in the UK continue to seek the encyclopaedic-like knowledge of the ex-UKIP leader on everything from the state of the US economy to the most sensual love-making positions.

However, for some reason, the team from BBC’s otherwise incredible Crabs Down Below have inexplicably failed to do so.

Producer David Black told us today, “I just don’t know what came over us, we got some incredible footage from the ocean floor, packed up the gear and just wrapped, feeling smug about the stunning quality of the images and behaviour we managed to capture.

“It was only when we got back and looked at the edited film that we realised our glaring error in not asking Nigel Farage what he thought about it, we feel like such a bunch of amateurs.”

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BBC controller Charlotte Moore has confirmed that the programme is now unlikely to be aired and has sent a letter of apology and three cases of ‘Bloodwhackers Finger’ to Mr Farage, assuring him that such a situation will not be repeated.

Sources close to Mr Farage told us that he is concerned that Italian crabs were used over British ones and was ‘delighted’ to hear that the programme’s cancellation will mean that two of those crabs, Lorenzo and Sofia, will no longer be invited to appear on next year’s Celebrity Big Brother.

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