New study shows adolescence lasts from age of 10 until end of your Presidency

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A new study has recommended changing the ages that define adolescence to be from the age of 10 to at least the end of the first term of your Presidency, unless you never plan to be President, in which case it is 24.

Scientists began the study after noticing that there was a massive adolescent in the White House and it became apparent that the existing definition of adolescence was becoming redundant.

“Society changes and adult roles are adopted later in life, so it was time to examine this new period of adolescence,” says Professor Simon Williams, who led the study.

“In the example of President Trump we see a man in his seventies who is governed entirely by emotion and impulse, is moody, and is appalling, inappropriately horny.

“He is, in almost every way other than age, an adolescent.”

The study does not say that adolescence, in all cases, last until the seventies.

“No, in most cases it seems that adolescence will now last until someone is around 24 years of age,” confirmed Professor Williams.

“But, the evidence is clear that it can certainly last until very late in life.

“As that evidence is currently only manifested in the form of a first-term President, we feel that it is best to define adolescence as the period of time between the age of 10 and the end of the first term of your Presidency.”

The President has yet to comment on the study as he earlier stormed off to his bedroom after declaring that ‘No one understands what it’s like to be me’.