Bitcoin holding 50% off January sale

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The world’s largest cryptocurrency has joined the January sales by slashing prices by half.

Bitcoin, which ramped up prices before Christmas as everyone rushed to buy, is facing heavy criticism today after organising a half-price sale so soon into the new year when many customers paid so much more during the Christmas rush.

Slogans like ”Prices haven’t been this low since Thanksgiving!” And “Two bitcoins for the price of one!!!” have appeared overnight on many digital currency markets, leading to people who bought their loved ones bitcoins for Christmas wondering why they didn’t wait until the January sales.

”You always see new year sales as people clear stock and this is no different – you can always pick up a few bargains in January if you’re willing to wait and shop around,” said analyst Dexter Matthews.

”We’re seeing it across all the product lines – Etherium, Ripple – all these sellers are all cutting their prices to shift excess stock while customer demand is so slow during this month.

”To be honest, I don’t see what the big deal is? DFS and Oak Furniture Warehouse are always having sales, so why not cryptocurrencies?”

However, some consumers have said that buying in the DFS sale is nothing like the staggeringly low Bitcoin prices currently available.

Owner of precisely zero bitcoins Simon Williams told us, “At least if you buy something from a shop during the sales you own something physical that you can take home, and not just a rapidly devaluing digital representation of your foolishness and desperation.”