Ryan Giggs asks players to bring photos of their wives to first training session

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New Wales manager Ryan Giggs has already proved to be a family friendly coach by insisting that all players bring in pictures of their wives and girlfriends when they meet for their first training camp.

Giggs, who has a history of making the most of his close family, requested that, in order to cheer up his office, he would rather have sunny holiday snaps taken on the beach or by the pool.

One senior Wales player told us today, “It’s really fantastic that Ryan is showing such a strong interest in our family life, and is very keen to make sure that our female partners are here in spirit to support us.”

It has even been rumoured that, once training sessions are underway, Giggs will go well beyond what would normally be expected of him as team manager, and go out of his way to visit the WAGs at home – in order to make sure that they aren’t getting lonely while their partners train.

“He’s just a top bloke,” the player went on, “to think that he would selflessly find time in his busy schedule to go and check on the girls, well, it speaks volumes for the kind of man that he is.

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“I’m sure if the girls do need anything, anything at all, he’ll make sure that they get it.”

The Welsh FA today stated that the focus on Giggs’ new role would be firmly on “creating a new generation of young welsh talent, and we are sure that Ryan Giggs will be pivotal in doing just that.”