‘I am the least racist person’, says Trump clearly confusing ‘racist’ with ‘pleasant’

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Donald Trump has said he is the least racist person you could ever interview as he’s temporarily forgotten what the word “racist” means.

The Muslim-bashing, anti-Mexican, shithole-declaring gimp made the announcement yesterday, causing everyone to do the now-traditional eye-roll while sighing “yeah, ok then mate…”

But it turns out the objectively false declaration arose from a lack of comprehension.

“Donald knows words, he know the best words, but he doesn’t always know what they mean,” confirmed white house spokesperson, Simon Williams.

“In this case, Donald has said ‘I’m the least racist’ when he meant to say ‘I’m the least pleasant’, which of course makes more sense.

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“He did a similar thing a while ago when he described Klan members as ‘very fine people’ when he naturally meant ‘very racist people’.

“It’s an odd foible of his, but it’s probably only the 62nd weirdest thing about him. The 1st is the fact that he’s President.”