People shocked that woman who would sleep with UKIP leader twice her age, is tasteless racist

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As revelations appeared that the UKIP leader Henry Bolton’s glamour model girlfriend wrote derogatory and racist comments about Meghan Markle, people are surprised to learn she isn’t a tolerant demure woman bristling with intellectual curiosity.

Jo Marney was suspended from UKIP following the leak of conversations where she expressed her fear that Harry’s union with Ms Markle would “taint” the Royal family and produce a black king.

The viciousness of her comments coupled with a phenomenal lack of basic knowledge regarding biology and royal succession, have made her the subject of intense tabloid scrutiny and forced UKIP to act.

Simon Williams, the features editor at the Daily Mail, explained that the hateful words of Jo Marney presented his readers with the perfect topic.

He told us, “She’s basically a tabloid newspaper made flesh. Her story is a rare combination of idiocy, lurid pictures, abject racism, tits, and the royal family.

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“We tried to make something of her before, but it didn’t take because UKIP is so incredibly dull in practice.

“Sure, they’re hateful cranks but most of their meetings consist of overlong anecdotes about milk delivery. And Henry Bolton is no Farage. Nigel has a distinctive look, like a confused frog that just farted, but Henry Bolton looks like a Cotswolds undertaker.

“But to his credit, he has delivered in the end. Our readers now have an excuse to trawl through hundreds of scuzzy photos of someone their grandchildren’s age and also feel righteous by saying that they would never say such a thing about Meghan Markle.

“Out of respect for Diana.”