I’ll happily open new US embassy when I’m over for the Royal wedding, Obama tells Trump

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‘I can open the new London Embassy when I’m over for that royal wedding you’re not invited to’, Barack Obama has told Donald Trump today.

President Obama, who people seem to like, made the offer after the President decided not to open the new building because the local people might be keen to say nasty things about him.

Obama, who will be attending the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle later this year, said that it would be ‘simplicity itself’ for him to carry out the formal opening of the US’ largest and most advanced consular building in the world whilst he was in town.

“I’m going to be over in London in a couple of months anyway, just visiting a few friends – you wouldn’t know them,” he said in a letter delivered to the White House.

“They live in this big house no more than a mile or two from the new Embassy, so it would be no trouble at all for me to swing by and cut a ribbon if you’d like someone to do it for you?

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“It’s the biggest and most important diplomatic building our country has ever built, so you’d think it’s important enough to spare a few minutes of someone’s time – and if you can’t make it I’m happy to step in and do the honours.

“I’ve got quite a few friends who still work there, so it would be nice to catch up with them anyway, so it’s really no trouble at all.

“Maybe I could bring some of my royal friends along? They’d love to come with me. Just not you.”