Snug Rugs just ‘backwards dressing gowns’

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The sleeved blankets known as ‘Snug Rugs’ have been revealed to simply be extra-large dressing gowns donned back to front.

A popular Christmas gift and shopping channel stalwart, the sleeved blankets have been popular among the unimaginative for years, but the manufacturer has finally revealed that these products are actually based on a much older technology.

“Snug-Rugger,” customer Simon Williams told reporters today, “The sleeved blanket allows a flexibility unparalleled in the insulation garment market.

“My body remains warm while leaving my arms mobile to perform tasks such as eating cereal, changing the channel or texting. I even cut a hole in mine to allow for itch-access and masturbation.

“They told me that the tying cord at the back was a nod to medical gowns – and you know how much money is spent on medical research, so that had to be a good thing.

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So you can imagine my shock when I found out that my sleeved blanket was actually just the same as the obsolete dressing gown I already own, just turned around.”

Trendy ‘life hackers’ are already scouring charity shops in order to upcycle their own Snug Rugs from discarded dressing gowns.

Meanwhile, hipsters maintain that they had already been doing this for years and that the only blankets worth having were made from ethically sourced orang-utan hair from Borneo.

The company that makes Snug Rugs has stated that it is working on the issue, and anyone suspecting that their sleeved blanket might be a backwards dressing gown should install any new updates.