Dictionary definition of ‘Shithole’ updated to cover all Trump Hotels

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Dictionaries have been updated overnight to reflect the current interest in the definition of the word shithole.

With Donald Trump using the word to describe locations where people have a skin colour he’s not particularly fond of, millions of people have sought clarification for the term.

A spokesperson for Oxford English Dictionaries told us, “Previously we had assumed it would be obvious when we explained it was a ‘deeply unpleasant location’, even going so far as to add i.e. Coventry for a little extra colour – but this was clearly not enough.

“With so many international users of our dictionaries – many of whom have never even heard of Coventry, the lucky sods – we felt compelled to update the definition to something people can see the world over. Like the Trump hotel.

“Think of a shithole as a hugely disappointing location, somewhere that promised much but delivers very little, and where paying money to be there makes you feel like you need to take a shower. But not in the shithole itself, at home.

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Trump supporter chuck Williams defended his president’s use of the word, telling us, “I don’t see the problem with the President using one of his many words, the best words, to describe these places as shitholes. I mean, we all know a shithole when we see one.

“It’s not like these places are popular holiday destinations, with tourists clamouring to visit them. In fact, I think the only hotel chain you’re ever likely to see in those locations is a Trump’s.

“Oh, I see what you mean.”