Voters actually kind of intrigued to know what a second Brexit Bus might say

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After Nigel Farage teased the idea of a second EU referendum, many voters have expressed an interest in finding out what a second Brexit bus might say, and who would stand in front of it.

Despite the chances of a second EU referendum remaining extremely small, many in the electorate say that another Brexit Bus tour might be worth the inevitable hassle of doing everything again.

“I thought the Brexit Bus was brilliant,” explained voter Simon Williams.

“But I don’t know how they’ll top it – especially now the public is practically immune to lies about Brexit.  It will have to be something pretty spectacular to get any sort of attention from Joe Public.

“How about ‘We send £350m a week the EU, let’s give everyone diamond shoes instead’? Or maybe, ‘We send £350m a week to the EU, let’s all have a fortnight in Tenerife instead’?

“With the amount of money that goes into the Leave campaign, I imagine they’ll get pretty creative – particularly with who they get to stand in front of it. Though it will have to be someone disposable, obviously.

“You certainly wouldn’t want to be the one the public goes looking for when they realise their not getting an all-expenses fortnight in Playa de las Americas.”

Asked whether he would be interested in the political and economic arguments made by either side in a new referendum, Williams told us, “No.

“Facts simply don’t matter anymore. The sooner we all realise that the winning side in the referendum will be the one with most convincing liars, the happier we’ll all be.”