Horsehead Nebula actually a terrible threat by the space mafia

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The Horsehead Nebula was just left ‘lying around’ by the space mafia to let astronomers know to watch their step, according to reports.

Nobody is admitting to have left the expanding cloud of gas and debris in the constellation of Orion, but space scientists are taking it as the warning it so clearly is, a spokesman for NASA told us.

Expressing concern for their safety, staff at the space agency are being extra-careful what they say or do to upset extraterrestrial mobsters in case the next message is closer to home.

“Who can say how the horse’s head got there, but it looks like a friendly warning, see?” said space gangster Jimmy ‘Eight Arms’ Zagnarthrax when he came by.

“You Earthlings keep things nice and polite and there’ll be no need for any unfortunate accidents to happen to Uranus,” he added with a chuckle whilst absent-mindedly waving a tentacle around just so as you’d get the picture.

“Yeah”, he said. “We come in peace. That’s us. Nice and peaceful. Now, we’ve got a business proposal you might like to hear.”