David Davis ‘furious’ that EU is planning for the no-deal scenario he threatened them with

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The Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union today attacked the EU for “unfairly” ensuring they are prepared for the no deal Brexit he threatened was a very real possibility.

Speaking today, Mr Davis said, “Myself and other Brexit supporting ministers have been consistent in saying that no deal is better than a bad deal. It’s kind of my motto.

“Indeed, many of my erstwhile colleagues have argued that we should just leave the European Union today, without paying them a penny.

“So you can imagine how furious it has made me, finding out that the European Union has taken these comments and actually begun to prepare for such an outcome, should the things I said might happen, actually happen.

“It is unfair. It is not something we have prepared for; in fact we haven’t prepared for anything at all, and it is that state of unpreparedness that we assumed would be mirrored by the Commission.

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“This is typical of EU bureaucrats, diligently going about their business, doing their jobs, and ensuring they stand up for the remaining members of the EU.

“There are a growing number of instances where the UK is now being treated differently. Treated as if we are about to leave the European Union.

“I didn’t want it to come to this, but if the EU continues to act professionally and show us up for the incompetents we are, the UK government will be forced to implement sanctions against them.

“We have a lot of leverage, with the banning of the exports of homemade jams being the nuclear option.”

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