Warhammer player rushing to finish painting his old Custodes so he can buy the new Custodes

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Keen Warhammer player Simon Williams has got to hurry up and finish painting his old Custodes so he can buy the new ones, he told friends today.

Simon, who has spent several years painting and kitbashing Forge World Custodes without yet even using them in a battle, greeted the news of the new release with a mixture of joy and heartfelt, soul-crushing despair.

“I still get letters from my credit card company about the time I bought a Warlord Titan kit so Nurgle knows how they’ll take this,” he told us from behind piles of obsolete 3rd, 4th and 5th edition models and splatbooks.

“I’m both delighted and horrified by the new model line, and I’m both looking forward and dreading buying and painting them.

“With any luck I’d be able to finish paying for them before rules changes make them obsolete.

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”I could give up eating fresh fruit and veg to save money, but I did that for the Primaris marines release and I think I’ve got scurvy.”

Simon told us he hopes Games Workshop release some Xenos content next, as he still has one kidney which should just about cover it.