You can’t blame me for the NHS, I’m only in charge of everything, says Jeremy Hunt

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Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has defended his record on the NHS, insisting it is unfair to blame him for the current crisis just because he’s been in charge of everything for the last five years.

With the NHS cancelling thousands of operations in the new year – much like it did last year – Hunt has been criticised for his role in running the NHS into yet another crisis.

Hunt told reporters, “Look, just because it’s been my job for five years to run the NHS, does not mean for one moment that the current problems are specifically anything to do with me.

“Just because it is my job to stop these things happening, doesn’t mean I should be hauled over hot coals when it inevitably and repeatedly does.

“Who knew that we’d have more sick people and need more money and resources to treat them? Nobody, that’s who. Well, nobody apart from all the experts who have been telling me precisely that for the last five years.”

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Hunt was then asked how many more years he needed in the role in order to get the NHS to where it needs to be, given that five years clearly hasn’t been long enough.

He responded, “Well, that’s an interesting question, because if you ask the right sort of people, I’m actually doing a brilliant job getting the NHS to exactly where it needs to be for the next phase of its…evolution.

“Of course, you need to make sure you don’t ask the question of anyone who actually needs or relies on it.”