Wednesday 27 December 2017 by Neil Tollfree

Huge strain on Facebook as snow sweeps UK

Snow on Facebook

Facebook servers have been put under enormous strain as the people of the UK rush to post pictures of the small sprinkling of snow outside their window.

“We’re coping, just,” said a tired-looking Facebook representative in a brief moment of respite from tending to smoking servers.

“But we’ve never seen so many photos posted in such a short space of time, when I first saw the sheer volume of pictures, I assumed that aliens had landed or your Queen had gone topless or something, but snow? If you want snow, Google ‘Antarctic’.

“Oh God, did I say ‘Google?’ Don’t put that in, Zuckerburg will have my kneecaps.”

But the British public is undeterred and re-emphasised their commitment to posting photos of the snow.

“There’s snow!” exclaimed weather fan and Facebook user, Simon Williams.

“And it’s settling right outside my window! Obviously, I’m going to take a picture and post it on Facebook. What else am I going to do? Rush out and build a snowman? What kind of loser does that?”

Mr Williams claimed that he doesn’t just enjoy posting photos of snow, however.

“What I really love is seeing when my neighbour posts pictures of snow from her window. It’s a whole different perspective, you know? Like it’s the same sprinkling of snow, but from several feet to the left.

“It’s magical. And to think some people still insist the Internet hasn’t improved our lives in any meaningful way.

Facebook is understood to be installing extra servers in case the light sprinkling of snow becomes a severe dusting.

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