Sunday 24 December 2017 by Davywavy

Yoda ruining carol singing again

Today christmas carols

“Three Kings of Orient, we are, hmn?” doesn’t scan and it’s putting all the other singers off, Yoda has been told today.

The ancient Jedi master insists on joining in the annual Dagobah carol service and nobody dares tell him he can’t despite him ruining everything every year.

Yoda says he is looking forward to the festive service where he can sing carols including ‘Bells, jingle’, ‘Three ships come sailing in, I saw’ and ‘Merry Gentlemen, God rest ye’.

“‘Lowly cattle shed in royal David’s city, there once was, yes?’ doesn’t mean anything and it certainly doesn’t fit the tune”, said lead caroller Sy-Mon Snootles.

“Every year he does this. Rocks up, tells us that ‘Best caroller I am, yes?’ and for like five minutes everyone can’t help but believe him. I mean, taking over people’s minds isn’t very festive either when you think about it.

“Which we can’t.”

When asked, Yoda said, “Merry Christmas, I wish you.

”La la la la la, la la la la, fa.”

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