Nigel Farage devastated after ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future confirm he is beyond redemption

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Nigel Farage has been left devastated after being told he is beyond redemption by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

The Brexit-backing LBC radio host was visited by the three ghostly apparitions during the night.

But after offering him a number of snapshots of his life and what is to come, the spectres agreed there is no way the former UKIP leader has the capabilities of being anything other than a self-serving twerp despised by almost everyone.

“The Ghost of Christmas Past visited first and took Nigel back to the time when he was a fag-puffing, ale-swilling independent school-educated chap with dreams of becoming an MP in fewer than seven attempts,” a source revealed.

“Next up was the Ghost of Christmas Present. He took Nigel on a whirlwind tour of how his life is right now – endorsing the alleged paedophile Roy Moore, championing the return of blue passports and repeatedly telling refugees his country is at breaking point.

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“Then the Ghost of Christmas Future showed him how his life will pan out, living lonely and skint in his £4 million Chelsea townhouse and scraping by on the meagre £73,000 annual pension he will claim from the very institution he despises.

“He looked extremely unhappy at the prospect of receiving over six grand a month from people he hates.”

It is understood the ghosts initially believed these visions would help Farage mend his narrow-minded ways.

“But then he saw a tweet from Donald Trump, forgot everything else and devoted all his energy into sucking up to the president,” the source added.