Man banging on about colour of his passport clearly more concerned about colour of his neighbours

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A man demanding that the colour his passport be changed is clearly more concerned about changing the colour of his neighbours, it has emerged this morning.

Simon Williams, 62, has been telling anyone within earshot this morning that changing the colour of his passport will be ‘one in the eye for those unelected eurocrats in Brussels!’, seemingly unaware that EU members can have a passport of any colour they like, should they choose to implement it.

Williams’ neighbour Sanjeet told us, “As I’ve explained to him, more than once, Croatia’s passport, for example, is black and gold, but he had no interest in that and just said having blue passports would bring back the good old days when ‘everything was the right colour’.

“No, I’m not entirely sure what he meant either.”

Williams has been tireless in his pursuit of a different colour for his passport ever since Nigel Farage explained to him that it was a key part of ‘Britain taking back control’.

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He told us, “I vividly remember Nigel waving a blue British passport at photographers when he stood in front of that big poster with the thousands of brown refugees coming into the EU across one of its many porous borders – and something about that image really resonated with me.

“It was definitely the passport, definitely. Ever since then, I’ve repeatedly insisted that the colour of our passport is the number one priority for me, even if the government has to spend half a billion pounds changing it.

“But you can’t say anything these days; you get called a racist just for saying you don’t like the colour of your neighb…passport. I meant passport.”