EU officials giggle while asking Theresa May and team “How are you?”

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Members of the EU are struggling to keep it together today.

Hours after a Commons vote which saw members of her own party rebel and insist on a Parliament-backed Brexit deal, Theresa May flew to Brussels for a vital summit around trade with EU member nations.

“We all knew what had happened, and we thought we had the giggles under control by now,” said German representative, Simon Williamstadt.

“You know us Germans, we just can’t get enough of laughter.

“So when I saw the Prime Minister and casually enquired ‘how is everything going’ and she pulled that expression she’s pulled every day for the last year, I basically just laughed in her face.

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“I didn’t mean to, I’m not an evil man. But I’m not really sorry either.”

French EU Official, Jay Le Cooper, said “Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha.

“Sorry. I’ve just seen David Davis and just about held it together, and now he’s gone and you’re here and I assume it doesn’t matter if I laugh in your face.

“Although saying that, at this point I could probably rest my dick on his shoulder and he’d still say thank you and offer the other one to Michel Barnier.”