Brexiters furious at sovereignty of Parliament when decision is one they disagree with

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Brexiters across the nation are furious this evening after our sovereign parliament voted to ensure it gets a vote on the final Brexit deal.

Despite Brexit minister David Davis previously announcing that MPs would have a vote on the final deal to leave the EU, the government wasn’t keen on having that promise in a legally binding form.

Many who voted to leave the EU insisted that legally enforcing this promise just gives Parliament an opportunity to make a decision they don’t agree with.

Leave voter Simon Williams told us, “It is essential that our elected officials have the power to make decisions for the benefit of this country – but only when those decisions are ones that I personally think are the right ones.

“I think it’s disgusting that parliament could use its sovereign powers to vote in a way that I disagree with.

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“I didn’t vote to leave the EU and bring back parliamentary sovereignty just so that parliament could go around being sovereign and doing things I don’t like.  Bloody saboteurs, the lot of them!”

The news has been welcomed by the sort of people who are keen to see the UK cut ties with the EU altogether, and are actively promoting a ‘no deal’ scenario.

Leave campaigner Jeremy Happenby-Smythe told us, “As someone who thinks we should tell the EU to fuck right off, I think a parliamentary vote on the negotiated deal is a wonderful idea.

“If you give MPs is the choice between a truly awful deal, and an even worse one, then I’m confident they will make the right decision.”

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