David Davis’ wife unconvinced at his claims that he’s done the Christmas shopping

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The wife of David Davis, the Secretary of State for the Department for Exiting the EU, is said to be becoming increasingly concerned about whether or not her husband has completed the Christmas shopping, as he claims.

Sources close to Doreen Davis (69) say that she has yet to see any of the 58 gifts alleged to have been chosen, bought and meticulously gift wrapped by her husband, despite imploring him to tell her where he has hidden them.

“She’s losing sleep,” insisted a friend. “David has given her several indications of the department stores he’s visited and what types of gifts he says he’s bought, but she’s yet to see a single parcel and there are no records of the purchases on their bank statements.

“He said he’d take care of it, but there is no evidence of any presents having been bought for anyone. Should I just take him at his word?”

Mrs Davis is apparently worried that they may be seeing a repeat of the Christmas of 2005, when her husband waited until the shops were closed on Christmas Eve before revealing to her that despite repeated claims to the contrary he had not, in fact, purchased any gifts for family or friends or even made any plans to do so.

“It nearly ended their marriage,” reveals Mrs Davis’ friend.

“Her one comfort is that he subsequently had months of therapy aimed at controlling the urge to do things like this, so she’s hoping her suspicions are unfounded.”

Mr Davis was unavailable for comment due to a heavy shredding schedule.