Coventry believes it was awarded City of Culture for its kebabs

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Coventry applied for City of Culture status because they thought it was a type of kebab, according to reports this morning.

City of Culture, which is awarded every four years, is intended to be either a reflection of the contribution to the arts and the higher things in life, or a massive laugh – depending on who you ask.

The awarding panel were understood to have been ‘deeply impressed’ by Coventry’s entry, which described the city as the best place to get an extra-large culture with salad and plenty of hot sauce.

The judges said they are now debating whether to tell Coventry what Culture actually means, or whether they should just wait and see what happens next.

”Either way this is going to be even better than when Hull made John Prescott cultural spokesman and he just told mother-in-law jokes and ate a pork pie,” they said.

When we asked Coventry Council about the award, proud mayor Simon Williams told us “There’s nowhere better in Britain to go out for six pints and then a Lamb Culture after chucking out time.

”Maybe with some of them pomp-a-doms too. You’ll like them. They’re like big crisps,” he added proudly.