Peaky Blinders introduce splurge guns in unexpected plot twist

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Gritty 1920s organised crime drama took an unexpected turn as Tommy Shelby revived a shipment of splurge guns in the latest epuside.

Promising his clan of thickly-accented hoodlums some powerful new weapons in their fight against Adrien Brody’s vengeful mafioso Dandy Dan, Tommy Shelby opened crates revealing powerful American-made splurge guns.

Capable of firing a deadly dollop of whipped cream almost twelve feet, the firearms are expected to swing the conflict firmly in his favour.

He then loaded his family into the car for an attempted woodland ambush followed by a dramatic chase through a henhouse before managing to drive pursuing villains into a pond.

”Roight then, yew lot,” said Tommy Shelby as the action reached its climax. “There’s ownly room fer one misterrr big in this ere town and that’s moy.

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“Believe yow me, Dandy Dan and his bums oin’t going to stand in ouwer woy.

”We’re the very best at being bad guys, orrriiiight?” he added.

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